Author Topic: 08/06/20 - August Think Kink! It's Thursday: Sub Shop West, 7pm to 9pm  (Read 562 times)


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Calling all subs.... doms, tops, bottoms, and anything in between, on top and underneath.

Join members of Pandora's Rose and others in the community for some social time and conversations about any ideas of a kinky nature or vanilla.

We are usually in the back of the restaurant. Look for the rose drawing.  Feel free to respond here or to the event on FetLife if you're attending.

Social distancing, as much as is reasonable at a restaurant, is requested.  Use your own judgement and go by your own comfort level.  Please remember Columbia city ordinance requires wearing of masks when not actively eating while in public venues.

SubShop West
2105 W Worley
Columbia, MO 65203
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